Part III Departure

Part III Departure

Jan 27, 2014


'Part II Existence’ is the hugely enjoyable new ten track album from classic rockers Gers Racing. This album has all the fundamentals of vintage classic rock albums that strikes the chord for its rich diversity, fun energy... and passion and eccentric edge. A lot of care and attention has gone into the creation of Gers Racing 'Part II Existence’. This record has all the hallmarks that fans of the genre will fully enjoy, but you need to live with the album for a while, soak the tracks up and get into the bands mindset, a quick listen won't reap the rewards and delights this album eventually offers. The band is: singer Ellington Erin, bassist and harpist Gers, lead guitarist Tim Gedemer and drummer Bruce Ginsberg. Musically it's all here, there is something for everyone to enjoy throughout 'Part II Existence', we couldn't ask for more really and this is one of those albums you can play forever and get lost in. Watch out for Gers Racing, one to look out for in the future and a band who plays with feeling and style, and that’s a rare thing.
‘Part II Existence’ is the new album from classic rockers GERS RACING. Vintage classic rock, think Hendrix, Ozzy, Dio and Deep Purple. ‘Part II Existence’ has exploded onto the scene. GERS RACING ‘Part II Existence is such a masterpiece with strong vocals and music.

‘Goal in life: fully recognized ‘Existence.’

The CD was recorded at Warner Bros. N. Hollywood and at Hollywood and Western Studios in the heart of Hollywood California. It was produced by Gers and the process took a couple months and it was recorded live with no overdubs. For the future the band is currently recording their third album. Keep updated with all things Gers Racing at

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